Trifold Bike Frame and Accessories

Proudly Made in Indonesia

Billiton Bike frames are fabricated using single piece of high quality Aluminium Alloy 6061 without cuts and joints for maximum durability and strength.

SNI 1049-2008

NPB 1-120-002-210392-5

Quality Certified

Billiton Bike frames are certified with Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and hold an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

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Custom Folding Bike Set

Compact folding bike sets using Billiton Bike frames and accessories.

Billiton Type A Set

Internal gear 2×3 Speed. Total weight 11 kg. Fully assembled.

Billiton Type C Set

External gear 7 speed. Total weight 9.7 kg. Fully assembled.

Best Selling Products

Best-selling Billiton Bike products, fabricated in-house using high quality materials.

Billiton Frameset

Bottom Bracket

Suspension Block

Easy Wheel Set

International orders and group buys are available.

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